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Security as a Service: How Australian businesses can combat the top security threats of 2018
By SolarWinds MSP | 13/11/2017

Keeping data safe is a top priority for businesses of all sizes. For IT partners, the business opportunity around security is lucrative, but can also be labour intensive, putting pressure on margins.

The key to managing the ever-increasing number of threats while keeping costs down is to understand the top threat categories and software tools that automate the processes to protect against them.

This whitepaper presents SolarWinds MSP’s key insights around current Australian security threat landscape and with customer insights from Sydney based MSP, ASI Solutions.

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The Guide to Edge Computing Why it matters to your customers’ experience and your operations
By APC by Schneider Electric | 24/10/2017

While the ICT industry has been heavily promoting a centralisation to cloud or colocation mantra for several years and many enterprises have enacted cloud-first programs, there are legitimate business and technical reasons to now consider placing equipment and applications at the edge of networks to complement cloud approaches.

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Market Trends: Take Advantage of Opportunities IoT Creates for Micro Data Centers at the Edge
By APC by Schneider Electric | 24/10/2017

Demand is rising for micro data centers, designed to handle specific needs at distributed locations, due to increasing IoT workloads at the edge. Technology product management leaders must take advantage of the opportunities by providing MDC and related platforms optimized for IoT workloads.

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Fifteen Best Practices for a Successful Data Center Migration
By APC by Schneider Electric | 24/10/2017

Data center migrations are often complex and risky. These best practices will help I&O leaders invest the appropriate amount of time and money into planning, execution and testing in order to protect the business and maximize the chances of a successful data center migration.

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6 Reasons Why You Should Trial SolarWinds® MSP Remote Monitoring & Management Tools
By SolarWinds MSP | 27/7/2017

As an IT professional, you have way too much to worry about on a daily basis.

SolarWinds® MSP Remote Monitoring & Management simplifies your life by helping you automate tasks, provide near-bulletproof IT security, and keep track of all of your IT assets from a single web-based dashboard.

It gives you:

- Near real-time monitoring and maintenance across platforms and devices

- Drag-and-drop automation and scripting

- Patch management

- Remote access

- Managed antivirus

- Web protection

- Online backup and recovery

- Asset and inventory tracking

- Prescriptive analytics that help you prevent IT issues

It's Easy to Get Started:

- No credit card details required

- Login info sent directly to you via email

- Technical support is available during the trial to get you started


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Make Every Cent Count, Every Time
By Brother International (Aust) | 23/6/2017

When you’re a charity, every cent you spend on printing is one less cent to spend helping those in need. Here’s the story of how you can grow a business and reduce costs, without compromising on production quality.

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ConnectWise Success Story - How one Australian Company Built Efficiencies Around their All-Star Team
By ConnectWise | 11/5/2017

In this case study, PowerNET gains a tremendous amount of efficiency across four locations in Australia and New Zealand by impletementing ConnectWise.

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ConnectWise Success Story - How Fred IT became one of Australia’s most Innovative Companies
By ConnectWise | 11/5/2017

This case study talks about how moving everything to a unified system gives companies improved visibility and sales functionality.

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Help Desk Management: 5 Ways to Increase Service Team Efficiency
By ConnectWise | 11/5/2017

Take charge of your service management workflow and define your ticket process from the start. By evaluating your company’s current methods and strategies, you can make the necessary changes to increase the effectiveness of your service team – and ultimately your company’s profitability. This ebook offers 5 Tips to Increase the Efficiency of Your Service Team.

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The Ultimate Guide to As-A-Service
By ConnectWise | 11/5/2017

Adding to your service offering is challenging. We get it. ConnectWise Inc. has helped countless technology solution providers reconfigure their businesses for the future by adding new practice areas and building monthly recurring revenue. The Ultimate Guide to As-A-Service will help you navigate these important business expansions with confidence.

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