How AI can transform Australia’s strained networks

Interactive Live discussion on 12 June, 2020

Australia’s enterprise community is facing its toughest period in decades and local partners and customers are seeing the need for stronger, more resilient wireless networking as their work forces go remote.

Moreover, while times of economic turbulence can breed complacency, partners have the opportunity to re-cast their eyes on their current solutions, and prioritise those that will allow them to emerge stronger and more innovative than before.

Customer engagement and network connectivity are becoming more and more critical to the success of today’s businesses. With the soaring numbers of mobile and IoT devices, managing a distributed network of stores or offices, and engaging with customers is becoming more challenging. Learn how AI-driven technology can transform IT operations from being stuck in a technology refresh cycle to ultimately driving up profitability and user experience.

Join us for this exclusive ARN Virtual Event in association with Juniper Networks and Westcon-Comstor, to explore what the next generation of networking technology means for partners in terms of opportunities – and how we can help drive Australia’s networking evolution.

Key areas of discussion:

How networking technology can affect organisational efficiencies and effectiveness?
Are businesses getting what they want and need out of their networks and networking technology?
How AI/ML ties into networking technology and its capabilities?
How can partners tap into AI-driven networking to really meet customers’ needs?

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