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FNT Software

Company Profile

IT and telecommunications infrastructures are the lifelines of every company and government agency, as well as the foundation of digital business processes and offerings – such as Smart Cities and Industry 4.0.

FNT Software aspires to make managing these highly complex digital infrastructures easier for companies and public authorities. The FNT Command Platform software solution enables efficient management of IT, Telecommunication and Data Center infrastructures as a digital twin – from the physical level (cables, switches, servers, etc.) through virtual components and applications to services – independent of the manufacturer and in a uniform data model. This enables organizations to plan and manage their IT landscape more easily, eliminate faults more quickly, implement transformations and changes more efficiently, and achieve sustainability goals for example faster.

A standardized construction kit of various FNT tools and methods makes it easy to integrate data from other systems, create reports quickly and easily, optimize IT processes and workflows, and provide new (digital) services efficiently and automatically.

The software is offered with a flexible licensing model, is cloud ready and because it comes pre-configured for specific deployment scenarios, it can be deployed as an out-of-the-box system in no time.

More than 500 companies worldwide use FNT software.

FNT is headquartered in Ellwangen (Jagst) and operates offices in several locations in Germany as well as in New York, London, Singapore and Timisoara.

Products, Services and Solutions

Datacentre, Data Management, Development, IT Asset Management, Management Software, Network Management, Software, System Tools, Telecommunications

Target Industry Verticals

Almost half of the DAX40 listed corporations already use the product suite FNT Command.

With soloutions for the efficient management of IT, Telecommunication and Data Center Infrastructures, our software is being used my various industries to simplify the management of their assets.

• Automotive Industry
• Logistics, Transport & Traffic
• Chemicals & Pharmaceutical
• Universities, Science & Research
• Clinics
• Energy
• Mechanical Engineering & Manufacturing
• Airports
• Media
• Banking & Insurance
• Data Center
• Public Institutions
• Trade
• Telecommunications & IT Service Providers
• Further Service Providers

Channel Programs

The FNT Partner Program
The partners in our network can rely on comprehensive support and profit from close cooperation. With the establishment of touchpoints into different areas of the organization, we ensure that we provide our partners with the required resources for all possible matters.
With our many years of experience, we have a deep knowledge base to draw from to advise and support our partners.

Long-term customer relationships: On average 20 years
Innovative product: Worldwide established software for DC, Telco & Enterprise IT
People support: Support in different project situations on local level
Marketing Force: Joint marketing activities and marketing fund
Connection to FNT as software supplier: Direct contact, direct support, no detours
A reliable and supportive partner: From onboarding to first sale – and beyond!
Enabling: Different and exclusive partner training programs and provided content
High cross-sell potential: One entry point, multiple possibilities to grow

Learn more about the FNT Partner Program on our homepage.

Partner Tiers

Our FNT Partner Program consists of four partner categories:
Sales Partner, Service Partner, Technology Partner and Solution Partner

We evaluate, together with our partners, which partner type they correspond to. We consider their skills, portfolio, goals, and what we want to achieve together.


FNT GmbH • Röhlinger Straße 11, 73479 Ellwangen, Germany (Head Office)
FNT Solutions Pte • 1 Scotts Road / #21-10 Shaw Centre 228208, Singapore
FNT Solutions Inc. • 51 JFK Parkway, Short Hills, 07078, New Jersey


SK Wang
FNT Solutions Pte • 1 Scotts Road / #21-10 Shaw Centre 228208, 228208

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