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erwin, Inc. provides the only unified software platform combining data governance, enterprise architecture, business process and data modeling. Delivered as a SaaS solution, these technologies work together to unlock data as a strategic asset so all enterprise stakeholders can discover, understand, govern and socialize data to mitigate risk, improve organizational performance and accelerate growth. For more than 30 years, erwin has been the most trusted name in data modeling and its software foundational to mission-critical data programs in government agencies, leading financial institutions, retailers and healthcare companies around the world.

We continue to get the hard stuff right, investing heavily in R&D to transform our flagship data modeling product into the ultimate data governance platform to help customers reduce risks and realize results. The erwin EDGE platform delivers an ‘enterprise data governance experience’ that brings together both IT and the business with quality data in context and control for collaboration around innovation, compliance and transformation. If you’re ready to get serious about data governance, let erwin guide you on your journey to becoming an agile, adaptable and data-driven enterprise.


Data Management, Software


Dicker Data Ltd.

Core Competencies

1. Data Modeling – Create a unified view of any data from anywhere to increase its use, understanding and trust across the organization.
2. Enterprise Architecture – Visualize complex architecture assets through contextual models to plan, manage and govern change with greater ability and cost-effectiveness.
3. Business Process Modeling – Tame the complexity of your organization, create alignment and achieve objectives by documenting, improving, harmonizing and/or eliminating business processes.
4. Data Governance – Implement and manage business rules and controls across a broad array of architectures through model-driven, active data governance.
5. Collaboration – Share high-quality models and metadata with technical and business stakeholders, plus integrate other data management products.

Market Differentiator

• More than 30 years helping the world’s largest companies and most discerning brands power their mission-critical applications
• Significant, discovery-based R&D working with customers to create the tools for digital transformation
• Only vendor offering an enterprise data governance experience to deliver on the Data Governance 2.0 imperative of bringing together both IT and the business to mitigate risks and maximize opportunities
• SaaS delivery of integrated DG, EA, BP and DM with user interfaces that show data in context to key personas/roles within the organization for greater alignment, decision-making and accountability
• Integrated capabilities enable data impact analysis to see how changes to the data design will impact enterprise operations before they’re implemented, reducing the associated risks and costs
• Deep expertise in developing, delivery and supporting enterprise software with consultancy across domains, including data governance readiness and road mapping

Channel Programs

The erwin Partner Program is a simplified, performance-based program designed to ensure valuable benefits, rewards and support. Partners enrolled in our Program gain exclusive access to our PowerPortal containing promotions and rebates programs, marketing materials, technical support and much more. Additionally, as a part of our erwin Partner Program, you’ll get free on-line education and certification. For more information, please visit:


Melville, New York (Head Office)
Singapore, Singapore
Birmingham, United Kingdom


Eric Yew

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