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Energy prices are set to rise. Demands on IT are increasing all the time. And there is mounting pressure from governments to meet energy targets. Some would say the data centre industry is facing an energy crisis. Given the current state of affairs, no-one can afford to ignore the opportunity to cut the data centre’s energy bill.
Enlogic exists to draw awareness to the rack and more specifically the PDU to make significant energy savings, providing that small things can make a big difference. It is better to accurately measure energy consumption and proactively ensure operational efficiency. This creates a new freedom to explore technologies that optimise server performance. There is also a strong argument for increasing the temperature in the data centre by one degree without compromising reliability.
Founded in March 2011, Enlogic employs more than 70 professional staff across its global offices in the UK & Ireland, Germany, USA, Singapore, China, Australia, Netherlands, Nordics, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Collectively, Enlogic employees are responsible for 26 patent applications, 16 of those are directly related to the design and progression of rack PDUs.
With Enlogic, the management team and engineers continue to prove they are the best and brightest in this industry, building upon extensive careers working for blue chip employers including ABB, APC, BT, Emerson Network, Hitachi, Intel, Invensys, Nokia, Siemens, Omron, Pentair, Schneider Electric, and the US Department of Energy, among others.
Sharing their expertise, Enlogic aims to provide data centre IT and facilities stakeholders with enhanced knowledge to solve specific rack energy management problems.

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Enlogic aims to support and educate its partners, pushing them to be trusted by their customers. The company looks to encourage and grow business initiatives that their customers are faced with in their data centre. These include areas such as how to reduce human error; how to minimise downtime; how to future-proof the data centre at the infrastructure level and how to improve rack space utilisation – to name a few. Each of these initiatives could save money for the customer whilst positively impacting the customer’s SLA. Enlogic supports its partners whilst helping them be trusted advisors to its customers.


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