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Company Profile

DrayTek was established in 1997 by a group of talented engineers in Taiwan, to design and manufacture networking CPEs. With early success in supplying USB routers to Apple Corp, they have since expanded rapidly and are now bringing out networking products with advanced features, ranging from NAT, Firewall, VPN, WLAN, VoIP, UTM, Multi-WAN, IPPBX to IP DSLAM, to meet and exceed the market’s expectations. Our products provide solutions for enterprises (Teleco/ISP/Government), SMB, SOHO and home users, and are regular winners in IT magazine reviews and Internet user surveys across the world.


Firewalls and VPN, Networking, Network Management, Security, Telecommunications, Unified Communications, VoIP


i-LAN Technology, trading as DrayTek Australia is the DrayTek distributor for Australia and New Zealand.

Core Competencies

DrayTek enjoys a strong reputation in routers that are feature-rich, reliable, user friendly and that are ahead of the technologies of the time. Our routers of broadband, xDSL, Fibre, 3G Mobile fields are supported by our own Router OSs that allow them to design solutions in Remote Access, Connectivity, IPPBX, UTM, Network Management, etc., so as to meet the requirements of the global market. Furthermore, because DrayTek products are wholly designed and produced from within, they have a greater capacity than their competitors, to continuously improve our own products, and regularly publish firmwares with advanced features for DrayTek users to upgrade and keep pace with the technologies.

Market Differentiator

Over the years, DrayTek has been regarded as an innovator responsible for incorporating advanced features such VPN, WLAN, VoIP, USB, into their routers well ahead of their competitors. Furthermore, when DrayTek designs the specifications for their products, they do not take short cuts. They work diligently to include the most desirable features, based on feedback they get from their global customer bases, and test their designs to ensure optimal performance and ease-of-usability.

A key feature of DrayTek products for which they have received a great deal of acclaim for, is their highly user-friendly web interface design. The simple layout of the DrayTek menu is packed with features and displayed in a manner that allows users to customise their desired settings with ease. It covers basic settings including LAN, WAN and VPN functions, as well as a robust force of security measures such as Firewalls and Web Content Filters. Security has been constructed in a manner that allows for the blocking or filtering of various categories of web content according to the needs of the user, for purposes such as families enforcing parental controls or workplaces blocking instant messaging applications.

DrayTek products are renowned for their extreme reliability, above their competitors. They are designed to ensure performance is consistently high at all times, so that users need not worry about any disruptions to their network and business operations. DrayTek’s innovation in Dual and Multi-WAN routers, 3G mobile connectivity, with bandwidth management and load balancing features ensure optimal data traffic flow, flawless connectivity and peace of mind.

Channel Programs

Reseller applications welcome.

Training Schedule

Online support – FAQ, Application Notes, Troubleshooting, Downloads, Live Web Demos, Flash Demos, Case Studies, Youtube guides. General distributor support also available.

Green Products

DrayTek have been committed to reducing power consumption and improving the efficiency of their products for many years.

According to the Ecodesign directive for EuP (energy using products) 2005/32/EC, DrayTek affirms its commitment towards environment protection by implementing eco-design in DrayTek Vigor series routers.

DrayTek’s EuP compliant solutions assist residential/business users to reduce environmental burden and strengthen environmental performance. With the objective of the EuP Directives: Improve energy efficiency throughout the product’s life-cycle from mining of the raw materials to its end-of-life recycling, DrayTek will endeavour continuously by improving eco-friendly communications system, material supply, production, transportation and decommission of DrayTek series products.


Seven Hills, New South Wales (Head Office)
Seven Hills, New South Wales


Unit 24, 128 Station Road
Seven Hills, New South Wales, 2147
Phone: (02) 9838 8899
Fax: (02) 9838 8818
Unit 24, 128 Station Road
Seven Hills, New South Wales, 2147
Phone: (02) 9838 8899
Fax: (02) 9838 8818

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