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  • Vale: David Cohen

    Sadly, one of Australia's most humble and quiet IT achievers, David Cohen, passed away on Tuesday November 25, 2014. David was a friend, mentor and colleague to many in the industry. He leaves a wonderful legacy of tenacity, perseverance and an always inquiring mind.

  • NEWS FEATURE: Managing acquisition

    Acquisitions are commonplace in the IT industry. <i>ARN</i> investigates what makes the difference between a successful acquisition or merger, and where things can (and do) go wrong.

  • Reseller review: Where are they now?

    Australia’s reseller landscape has been a colourful one over the past decade. Like their distribution counterparts, reseller organisations have gone through massive changes as technologies matured, and their business models transformed from box seller, through to sophisticated IT services and beyond. Through mergers, acquisitions and failures, the list of prominent channel players has evolved dramatically over recent years.