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  • Opinion: Why Apple won't be around as long as IBM

    IBM is 102 years old. At its height, it was almost a cult, with employees dressing alike, speaking a unique language and earning benefits that took care of them for life. Today's tech companies aren't built to last, as Apple's recent earnings report shows all too well.

  • 3D printing a minefield of legal challenges

    A move for 3D printing into the consumer space, with users able to copy and create new three-dimensional objects at home, may lead to attempts by patent holders to expand their legal protections, a new paper says.

  • 3D printing: The next big thing?

    Heading a start-up after leaving his position as head of Microsoft Game Studios, Ed Fries thought that he might be able to sell 10,000 units of his product — personalised online game figurines — the first year.