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  • Samsung Uses Apple Lawsuit to Hype Galaxy Tablet

    Samsung appears to be using all the media attention generated by Apple's attempt to ban sales of its tablet in order to push the Galaxy Tab. A Samsung ad in the Sydney Morning Herald this week boasts that the Galaxy Tab is "the tablet Apple tried to stop."

  • Mobility in 2012: A Look Ahead

    With ultrabooks, tablets, and smartphones topping many holiday wish lists, it seems safe to say that mobile computing and devices will continue to be a driving trend next year. With that in mind, let's take a look at some factors to keep an eye on when it comes to mobile and wireless technology in the coming year.

  • Windows 8: Four Big Concerns (Based On What We Know So Far)

    Microsoft in August said Windows 8 would be the most significant reimagining of its trademark operating system since Windows 95. But all those changes may not be for the better, at least based on what we know so far. There are some interesting innovations headed your way such as a new touch-centric interface, a version for ARM-based processors, and deep SkyDrive integration.

  • Toshiba Thrive 7" Tablet: Great Design, Mediocre Audio

    The Toshiba Thrive 7" Tablet is the latest in a recent deluge of 7-inch contenders. Its biggest distinguishing factors are its crisp, high-resolution 1280-by-800-pixel display and its strong complement of ports. But disappointments lurk as well--the tablet's disappointing audio performance foremost among them.

  • Refurbished HP TouchPad fire sale is happening this Sunday

    Just when we thought the $99 Hewlett-Packard TouchPad was gone forever, the tablet that refuses to die is coming back for one last sale, according to online reports. A limited quantity of refurbished TouchPads will reportedly go on sale at HP's eBay Store starting at 6 p.m. US Central Time (7 p.m. Eastern) on Sunday, December 11.

  • WebOS lives on! HP's mobile OS to go open source

    The future of webOS has been hazy since HP announced in August that it will discontinue its webOS line of devices. The HP Veer 4G faded into oblivion, but the HP TouchPad has enjoyed numerous fire sales since the announcement. Today, HP announced that webOS will live on as an open source platform.

  • Motorola unveils Droid Xyboard tablets

    Motorola has announced its newest entries into the tablet market - the Droid Xyboard 8.2 and Droid Xyboard 10.1. Motorola has been suspiciously quiet on the US front ever since its Xoom became the first Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet to market this past February. Sure, there have been small, iterative improvements to that original Xoom, but nothing more. Until now.

  • Opinion: Dell Streak is dead - lessons for other tablets

    Dell has announced that the <a href="http://www.pcworld.com/article/245487/another_dell_streak_tablet_bites_the_dust.html#tk.hp_new">“Streak 7 is no longer available.”</a> The death of the Dell’s Android tablet line doesn’t come as much of a surprise, but it points to some lessons that other tablets might learn from to be stronger competitors.