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  • Analysis: Is RIM throwing in the towel on the PlayBook?

    RIM is reportedly taking a $US485 million charge to write off the value of its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet inventory. With the device slashed to a fraction of its original price and still not moving, RIM may soon follow in HP's footsteps and kill the PlayBook entirely.

  • Carrier IQ tracking: Your questions answered

    Many smartphone users are wondering whether their Android, Nokia and BlackBerry devices are spying on them after security researcher Trevor Eckhart recently claimed that a piece of diagnostic software on the phones was acting like malware.

  • Mobile malware crisis? Not so fast

    There's been a flurry of coverage of mobile malware over the past few days, including two separate reports declaring both 2011 and 2012 "the year of mobile malware".

  • Gloomy Outlook for Future of BlackBerry

    RIM has suffered a number of setbacks, and its brand reputation and market share have been rapidly eroding. According to a <a href="http://www.emausa.com/research/asset-free.php/2101/pre/Enterprise-Mobile-Device-Management:-How-Smartphones-and-Tablets-are-Changing-Workforce-IT-Requirements-pre">new survey</a> from <a href="http://www.emausa.com/research/asset-free.php/2101/pre/Enterprise-Mobile-Device-Management:-How-Smartphones-and-Tablets-are-Changing-Workforce-IT-Requirements-pre">Enterprise Management Associates (EMA)</a>, that trend is going to continue--and possibly even accelerate.

  • The BlackBerry outage spreads: A nail in RIM's coffin?

    Android and iPhone devices were already destroying RIM’s BlackBerry market share. But the outage that has spread from Europe and Africa to North America and South America may be the final straw for millions of formerly loyal users, who previously relied on their Blackberries as a robust and ultra-reliable way for always-on push email and Web access.

  • Tablet fire sale: 5 cheap tablets

    Between the popularity of Apple's iPad and the looming threat of Amazon's Kindle Fire, times are tough for other tablet makers. But their loss is your gain, as retailers have resorted to offering deep discounts on tablets that were, in all honesty, not worth their starting prices.

  • Why the number of apps in an app store doesn't matter

    The number of apps a mobile OS racks up in its store these days doesn't mean anything. Yes, you read that right. Contrary to what we've been fed by promoters for the Apple and Android platforms, it turns out that people don't really care how many apps they have to choose from.