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  • NEWS FEATURE: Kinect - more than just a toy

    When the Kinect for Xbox 360 was released in late 2010, it created a buzz in the video gaming industry that had not been seen in many years. A webcam-style add-on peripheral for Microsoft’s video game console, the Kinect eliminated the need for a traditional control pad and instead allows the user to interact with video games through body gestures and voice commands. While Kinect was a success, selling an excess of 10 million units as of March, it was still just a video game accessory that was locked to the Xbox 360 platform and its implementation did not go further than video games.

  • Hacker turns Kinect for Xbox 360 into Kinect for Linux PCs

    Well, that was fast. Do-it-yourself electronics kit maker and hobby retailer Adafruit recently announced that a hacker had won the company's Open Kinect Bounty. Spain-based hacker Hector Martin Cantero, who is known online as "marcan," released a proof-of-concept video Wednesday night showing the Kinect interfacing with his Linux-based laptop.