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  • Big Data analytics moves to the Cloud

    What if you could store your data in the cloud and run complex queries and analytics on it where it resides, without moving it? That's the question high-performance cloud infrastructure and big data analytics specialist Joyent looks to answer with its new Joyent Manta Storage Service.

  • 5 myths about Big Data

    Big Data has every ingredient that makes it a concept prone to misconceptions. It is relatively new, is a composite market that is build up of smaller technology blocks-each developing at its own maturity curve, and Big Data is the current hype.

  • 7 most important tech trends Of 2012

    Technology trends can come and go with little more than a (Google) Wave, but seven trends of 2012 are here to stay. Some came out of nowhere, while others emerged after years of development.

  • The cost of data management

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