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  • GM to offer teen driver tracking to parents

    GM <a href="http://media.gm.com/media/us/en/gm/news.detail.html/content/Pages/news/us/en/2015/mar/0320-teen-drivers.html">has announced</a> that it will be offering a way for parents to track their teens' driving behavior in order to help cut down on accidents.

  • A car could be the final piece of Apple's puzzle

    There's a hole in the digital hub. All day long we have a unique, immediate connection to the places we go, whether it's through an iPhone, Apple TV or, soon enough, an Apple Watch. HomeKit has brought a sense of unity to the Internet of Things. HealthKit has laid the foundation for a bridge between patient and doctor. Digital Touch gives us a quick, spontaneous way to communicate with our distant friends and loved ones.

  • Tesla recruits hackers to boost vehicle security

    Electric carmaker Tesla Motors wants security researchers to hack its vehicles. In coming months, the Silicon Valley based high-tech carmaker will hire up to 30 full-time hackers whose job will be to find and close vulnerabilities in the sophisticated firmware that controls its cars.

  • Park it right there: 2014 Chevy SS can perpendicular-park pretty much on its own

    The 2014 Chevy SS may seem to be all about driving (given its powerful V8 415-horsepower engine), but it's just as much about parking--perpendicular parking. Many cars can parallel-park automatically, but the SS can also slide into a spot in a crowded parking lot almost all by itself. As long as you tap the brakes at the right time and let the SS do the steering, it works like a champ.

  • A car's a car, but the car's apps make the difference

    Car apps: In a few years, we'll wonder how we did without them, just as we have with smartphones and apps since Apple introduced the iPhone seven years ago (January 9, 2007, in fact). These apps can be used either to control basic car functions or do something while in the car, such as finding a pizza place wherever you are, or ordering the pizza.

  • The 10 techiest cars of 2014 drive, park, and even smell better than you do (yep)

    Packed with radars, sensors, cameras, and more, the techiest cars of 2014 aren't quite ready to drive themselves, but they are ready to compensate for their drivers' all-too-human failings, whether it's straying from the lane or sucking at parallel parking. They also boast the latest in human-to-car interfaces, including multiple screens, touchpads, joysticks, and even writing input.

  • Volkswagen EOS Komfort convertible takes off its top

    You wouldn't buy a convertible unless you liked to show off, and in the case of the 2014 Volkswagen EOS Komfort, there's even an app for that. Volkswagen is rolling out its new Car-Net service on select 2014 models, including the EOS Komfort, with a focus on providing safety, remote access, family tracking, and diagnostics information. This information is nothing different or revolutionary compared to what you'll find on competing vendors' cars. But this is VW's first shot at it, and to the company's credit, the subscription prices (after a six-month free trial) are reasonable.

  • The first driverless cars will actually be a bunch of trucks

    Thanks to the blogosphere hype machine, most people associate automated, driverless vehicles with the cute, self-driving Google car. Google's technology is charming, and suggests an idyllic morning commute in which we're all chauffeured to work by robots. But the future of driverless vehicles is much more mundane.