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  • REVIEW: BlackBerry Bold 9900 smartphone stands up

    RIM's latest BlackBerry Bold 9900 heralds a new era for the famous BlackBerry: it is the first Bold to combine a touchscreen and a physical keyboard in a standard candy bar design. The Bold 9900 has a fantastic industrial design that feels superbly constructed, its keyboard is the best we’ve ever used on a smartphone, and its screen is vivid and bright. However, in the age of the iPhone, Android and even Windows Phone 7 smartphones, the Bold still offers little incentive to switch from rival platforms.

  • APP OF THE DAY: Remote RDP Lite

    A few weeks ago, I had written up an article on my home computer, saved it on my USB thumb drive, brought it to work only to realise I had saved the document file in the wrong place.

  • APP OF THE DAY: SPB Wallet

    Ever been in a situation where you can’t remember your private information and wish you could write them on bits of paper and stash them in hidden corners of your wallet? SPB Wallet is one of those handy apps that allow you to protect and remember valuable private information – including passwords, PINs, accounts, codes, credit card and passport numbers.

  • APP OF THE DAY: Concert Vault

    Wolfgang's Vault is the home of concert music and collectibles. It has more than 100,000 concerts available - many of them free and is focused - even fixated - on the psychedelia, prog, rock, blues, jazz, punk and folk from the 1950s onwards but concentrating on music up to and including the 1980s.

  • APP OF THE DAY: Locale

    The Locale app for the Android platform allows users to create situations and specify the conditions under which the settings on the smartphone should change.

  • Google adds paid apps to Android Market in more countries

    Google has expanded the number of countries where paid applications are offered on Android Market. Developers in 20 more countries will be able to sell their applications, and users in 18 additional countries will be able to purchase those apps, the company said in a blog post on Thursday.

  • Google's problems with Android Market continue

    After applications recently started disappearing from the Android Market, Google continued to have reliability issues with the online store as developers over the weekend experienced issues with erroneous download counts.