Changing names: the top company rebrands hitting the channel

The past year has seen a flurry of acquisitions, sales, consolidations and business transformations in the local tech sector; ARN takes a look at the company name changes and rebrands across the Australian channel that have resulted from all this activity.

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    The Staples brand name across A/NZ was replaced by Winc in September last year, alongside a new strategy aimed at focusing on the company’s solutions business. The new brand name, Winc, is a portmanteau of ‘work’ and ‘incorporated.'

  • Credit: Arq Group

    Melbourne IT Group (ASX:MLB) officially transformed from a business selling domains and hosting to a services and solutions provider, a move which comes complete with its rebranding as Arq Group. Melbourne IT has acquired several businesses throughout the past four years, which helped it change its business completely. (Image: Martin Mercer - Melbourne IT CEO)

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    Hitachi took the wrappers off its new Vantara brand, made up of Hitachi Data Systems, Hitachi Insight Group, and Pentaho businesses. The new entity is aimed at leveraging the broad portfolio of innovation, development and experience from across Hitachi Group’s companies in a bid to deliver data-driven solutions for commercial and industrial enterprises.

  • After acquiring BigAir in 2016, Superloop decided to rebrand its acquisition as Superloop+, offering cloud and managed services. Superloop has also been on a bit of an acquisition spree, buying up NuSkope, GX2 Holdings and SubPartners.

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    Hosted e-commerce platform provider eCorner took possession of the intellectual property (IP) behind the the VARCentral platform, once owned by liquidated tech retailer Warehouse1 -- rebranding it as Resellerate. The platform is essentially a pre-stocked online store with automated access to catalogues of more than 200,000 products spanning more than 3,000 categories from 13 A/NZ distributors.

  • Credit: DXC

    In April last year, DXC Technology revealed its new name following the landmark merger of CSC and the enterprise services business of HPE. The worldwide launch of the new brand took place on 3 April, and listed on the New York Stock Exchange using the ticker ‘DXC’. (Pictured: DXC Technology A/NZ managing director, Seelan Nayagam)

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    Business management solutions provider Sapphire Systems was ordered by an Australian court to change its name in the local market after going head to head with Australian software vendor SapphireOne in the Federal Court. Sapphire Systems, which has offices in the US, UK and Asia, changed its name in the local market to Argentis Systems.

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    Last year, Southern Cross Computer Systems (SCCS) rebranded as SXIQ after SCCS was acquired in 2016 by a consortium led by its current managing director, John Hanna.

  • In April, Ajilon Australia rebranded as Modis in a move aimed at supporting the company's ambition to establish itself as a major player in the global technology professional staffing and solutions space. Modis, part of the Adecco Group, has offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. (Pictured: Modis Australia CEO, Rafale Moyano)

  • Sydney-headquartered cloud provider CloudRecover rebranded as KeepItSafe, a result of its acquisition by j2 Global in May 2017. KeepItSafe is part of the j2 Global group of companies and the rebranding means that KeepItSafe and CloudRecover’s solutions and services will be rolled into one, becoming accessible to partners and customers as a combined offering. (Pictured: CloudRecover managing director, Mac Thompson)

  • ASG Group unveiled its new consolidated brand after wrapping up its post-acquisition integration with SMS Management & Technology. ASG Group completed the $124 million acquisition of the then publicly-listed SMS Management & Technology in late September 2017, and the two companies began the process of being integrated into a single operating business. (Pictured: ASG Group COO Dean Langenbach)

  • A new firm was formed by the mega-merger of eight separate companies, including tech players, 3wks, Digital Moshi and Jtribe, has made its public debut following a $70 million initial public offering (IPO). The new group, named Trimantium GrowthOps Limited (ASX:TGO), listed on the Australian Securities Exchange on 16 March, with the company valued at approximately $143 million. (Pictured: GrowthOps managing director, Phillip Kingston (L), and chairman, Dominique Fisher (R)).

  • CommsChoice Group (ASX:CCG), was formed resulting from the merger of five different telco resellers and subsequently listed on the ASX. The new group, made up of its namesake, CommsChoice, along with Telegate, Telaustralia, Oracle Telecom and Woffle, is worth an estimated $28 million.

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    In September, Brisbane-based managed cloud services provider Fluccs geared up for an east coast expansion after acquiring three new business brands including Exigent Australia, Virtual DataCentre; and cloud server provider, 10TB Servers. The deal for the new brands was expected to increase Fluccs’ turnover and client base by roughly 50 per cent.

  • Publicly-listed design, survey and 3D spatial solutions company Veris Limited spun up a new IT, communications and managed services business out of its OTOC infrastructure services subsidiary. The new company, Aqura Technologies, was formed thanks to a restructure of Veris subsidiary, OTOC Australia, that sees the infrastructure division of the business discontinued following the completion of existing projects.

  • Multiple acquisitions and mergers saw the Ivanti brand come to fruition last year. Formerly known as Landesk, the tech company formed its new name after combining its business with Heat Software. Landesk also made a string of acquisitions including Wavelink, Shavlik, Xtraction Solutions and AppSense. It continued to add to this with acquisition in July last year of RES Software, marking its tenth in five years. (Pictured: Ivanti A/NZ area vice president, Michael Bosnar)

  • Voice over IP (VoIP) player Freshtel completed its transition into a full-blown IT services and cloud hosting provider, re-emerging on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) as Field Solutions Group (ASX:FSG). The former telecommunications provider, revealed in November 2016 that it would merge with privately-owned cloud services player Field Solutions Group in a deal worth millions.

  • Specialist distributor Hemisphere Technologies underwent two rebrands before being wound-up in April. Hemisphere Technologies Australia started trading officially in December 2016. The company was renamed as Thousand Hands Technologies in March 2017, a decision that lasted until September the same year when the company decided to change its name back to Hemisphere. (Pictured: Hemisphere Technologies' Andrew Mamonitis)

  • Three Microsoft partners joined forces to take on large system integrators and service providers across Australia, targeting the lucrative cloud mid-market space. Dubbed Cloud Collective, the strategic alliance brings together Antares Solutions, Modality Systems and Quorum, with the trio striking a formal agreement to create a ‘super-partner’ in a bid to win new deals nationwide.

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