IN PICTURES: OKI hosts its ‘Think Big’ Partner Day (+ 30 photos)

OKI recently invited 80 channel partners to 'Think Big' at Sheraton on the Park, where channel partners received an update on the company's current business and direction, latest solutions, as well as an introduction to its new colour SFP and MPF range. Channel partners were also given a preview of the ColorPainter large format range. The day ended with a dinner at Nick's Bar & Grill, with keen golfers taking to the greens the next morning at Macquarie Links golf course.

  • Stephen Anetts and Suzie Anetts – Alice Office Equipment

  • Zac Stowers & Jess Greening (Select Digital)

  • Ashley Deng & Greg Mikaelian – OKI Data

  • Greg Mikaelian, Sirajum Quasem & Wayne Faulkhead – OKI Data

  • Greg Mikaelian, David Varidel, Dennie Kawahara, Steve Afyouni – OKI Data

  • Eddie Gulmen (Gulmen Engineering)

  • Sirajum Quasem, Dennie Kawahara, Brenton Stewart (AGM) & Greg Mikaelian

  • Judy Wilson (OKI), Daeko Nezic (Skilled IT), Chris Smith (Cartridge World Hervey Bay)

  • Bryan and Ann Moroney (Darwin Business Machines), Aaron Durrant (OKI)

  • Steve Afyouni (OKI), Joe Fazzino (New Era Print Solutions)

  • Ashley Deng (OKI), Samantha Fazzino (New Era Print Solutions)

  • George Koutsoubis (Datacord) , Tony Haack (Sharp Sunshine Coast), David Upstone (Sharp Perth), Denis Kerr (Sharp Abt)

  • Greg Mikaelian (OKI), Scott Nicolas (Network Office), Glenn Ford (Abacus Calculators)

  • Loren Radovancevic (OKI), Mario Mazzi (Aztec Office National), David Varidel (OKI)

  • Rachel Brown (PrinterCorp), Kirrell Kevin(PrinterCorp) , Issy Belleli(PrinterCorp), Sirajum Quasem (OKI) , Rick Butnaro (PrinterCorp)

  • Ryan Hughes (Phil Hughes Office Solutions), Richard Summerscales (PrintSync)

  • Denis Kerr (Sharp Abt), Wade Ranson (Sharp Abt), Mark French (Paramount)

  • Greg Keen (The Printer Wizards), Derek Raine (The Printer & Office Wizards), Judy Wilson (OKI)

  • David Varidel (OKI), Keith Greenwood (Ryrie Office Machines)

  • Maurice Aiken (CopyEx) & Paul Chen (Sydney Toner)

  • Rick Butnaro (PrinterCorp) & Issy Belleli (PrinterCorp)

  • Maroun Estephan & Lachlan Taylor (ME Document Solutions) Dennie Kawahara (OKI)

  • Scott Nicolas (Network Office), Nigel Boon (Abacus Calculators), Glenn Ford (Abacus Calculators)

  • Ben and Lisa Hickson – Page 5 Office National

  • Jordan Evans (AUS Printer Solutions) & David Upstone (Sharp Perth)

  • Ann Moroney & Bryan Moroney (Darwin Business Machines)

  • Aaron Durrant (OKI), Greg Mikaelian (OKI)

  • Tom Harris (New Era Print Solution)

  • Tony Robertson (Cube for Business), Samantha Fazzino (New Era Print Solutions), Brenton Stewart (AGM Technology)

  • Tom Harris (New Era Print Solutions), Tony Jovanoski (Cube for Business)

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