IN PICTURES: ARN's Hall of Fame inductees Lunch 2016

With the 2016 ARN ICT Industry Awards looming, ARN hosted its Hall of Fame inductees to a lunch in Sydney, to tap into the collective brain trust and discuss emerging channels such as the rise of the ISV and partner-to-partner collaborators. They spoke about the relevance of the linear channel model, the rise of new players in the industry, and dealing with Gen Y in the workforce. Pictures by ARN's Maria Stefina.

IN PICTURES: ARN's Hall of Fame inductees Lunch 2016 next


(L-R) Hall of Fame Inductees - Nick Verykios, Allan King, John Donovan, John Walters, ARN's Hafizah Osman; Hall of Fame inductees - Ken Lowe, Philip Cronin, Steve Murphy, Pip Marlow, David Gage, Andrea Della Mattea, ARN's Susan Searle; Hall of Fame inductees - Andrew Thomas, Kate Burleigh, David Henderson, Phil Cameron, David Dicker, Maree Lowe, Laurie Sellers, and ARN's James Henderson

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