IN PICTURES: HDS Charity Drive for Variety for Children’s (+38 Photos)

Eleven teams from Hitachi Data Systems took part in a “Bikes for Tykes” team building session and completed a series of tasks and challenges in order to earn components to build a bike. The 11 bikes built were presented to children and their teachers on the day via Variety - The Children’s Charity.

  • The HDS team

  • John Beaumont, Lyn MacMillan, Nuno Teixeira, Richard Fanous, Allan Paisley, Kiwa Stevenson

  • Steve Hansen, Leanne Houghton, Jeff Olds, Geroge Yacoub, Louis Hara, Greg Webb

  • Tiz Vandali, Aidan Kenny Mark Van Der Wat, Aaron Baguley, Jonathan Fester, Nathan McGregor

  • Rob Scarlett, Roberto Martinelli, Jane Harris-Walker, Altay Ayyuce, Stefano Emodi, Justin Booth

  • Mark Shaw, Phillip Teague, Emily Dietrich, Colin Donoghue, Jim Morris, Alan Hopla

  • Ed Daven, Satian Vasudevan, Georgia Venetsanakos, Bill Porteous, James Delve, Brendan O’Reilly

  • Alex Robinson, Alex Aberle-Leeming, John Bruce, Laurence Cole, Jamie Mackenzie, Michael Soficlis

  • Symon Lewis, Lindsey Campbell, Gary Dunn, Chris Campbell, Jacques Cronje, Matt Wilson

  • Rob Ginnivan, Bruce Chamberlain, Sean Craig, Petra Markova, Helen Silva, David Swain

  • Andrew Thomlinson-Munn, Quin Morris, Matt Greensmith, Andrew Sleight, Bryan Connarty, Mark Edwards

  • Mike Whatley, David Stephens, Marc Fiala, Andrew Routley, Joe Schulte, Ivan Villiers

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