IN PICTURES: Insentra's 6th Birthday celebration (+23 photos)

​​Insentra recently turned six and to celebrate, staff and their respective spouses/ partners were treated to a wonderful celebration that took place at the National Maritime Museum at the City View roomin Sydney. Drinks and canapés were flowing as co-founder Ronnie Altit took the opportunity to thank his staff and fellow founders for the successful growth the company has experienced since its inception. ​

  • The Insentra crew and their respective spouses/ partners

  • Michael Linder and Matt Synnott

  • Lakshmi Balaramane, Kim Deong, Itzik Gur and Nicole Gur

  • Tim Falkenberg and Jeremy Wittert

  • Sebastian Baszczyj; Cameron Mottus; Michelle Cumming and Ronnie Altit

  • Lee Foster, Tim Falkenberg, Jeremy Wittert and Ronnie Altit

  • Kirrily Snape, Eamonn Gilmore and Dan Snape

  • Dan Snape, Arun Singh and Eamonn Gilmore

  • James and Karen Beggs; and Lee Foster

  • Fay Fain and Lisa Burgess

  • Jessica Allen and Varsha Agarwal

  • 'Just the start' Brian Riegels-Morgan; Gary Cohen; Ronnie Altit; Matthew Gorman and Tony Consolino

  • Itzik Gur, Ronnie Altit and Steven Boi

  • Karen and Robert Urbach

  • Steven Boi

  • Ronnie Altit

  • Jo and Ronnie Altit

  • Richard and Julie Young and Mikhail Nikitin

  • Simon Altit; Lisa Burgess and Saskia Valkema

  • Itzik Gur

  • Albert Altit

  • Simon Altit

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