IN PICTURES: Inaugural WIICTA Alumnae 2016 (+22 photos)

The inaugural WIICTA Alumnae 2016 breakfast, held at the Establishment in Sydney, brought together WIICTA award winners and finalists to facilitate a mentoring-style program to support women working in the technology sector. Photos by Maria Stefina

  • Amy Christopher (Symantec), Dawn Edmonds (rhipe), Rhody Burton (IBM), Vanessa Sulikowski (Cisco) and Susan Searle (ARN)

  • Networking

  • Ainsley Wilkinson (APC by Shnider Electric) and Jennifer O'Brien (ARN)

  • Amy Christopher (Symantec) and Kate Burleigh (Intel)

  • Carol McLoughlin (Fujitsu)

  • Carol McLoughlin (Fujitsu), Sophie Vigors (DC) and Sue Armstrong (Fujitsu)

  • Cherry Yumul (ARN)_Simran Kaur (Webroot)

  • Fiona Brown (Dicker Data)

  • Hafizah Osman (ARN), Sapna Bhatia (Adactin Group) and Dawn Edmonds (rhipe)

  • Kate Burleigh (Intel)

  • Mona Lolas (IR)

  • Mona Lolas (IR), Dawn Edmonds (rhipe) and Sara Adams (Telstra)

  • Susan Searle (ARN) and Mona Lolas (IR)

  • Rhody Burton (IBM) and Gabrielle Kingston (AppSense)

  • Rhody Burton (IBM), Gabrielle Kingston (AppSense), Aggie Szemplinska (PenrixData) and Simran Kaur (Webroot)

  • Sara Adams (Telstra)

  • Sue Armstrong (Fujitsu)

  • Sara Adams (Telstra) and Jennifer O'Brien (ARN)

  • Simran Kaur (Webroot) and Sapna Bhatia (Adactin Group)

  • Sophie Vigors (DC)

  • Susan Searle (ARN) and Dawn Edmonds (rhipe)

  • Vanessa Sulikowski (Cisco)

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