IN PICTURES: Dicker Data and HPE take partners to the Formula One (+12 photos)

Dicker Data and Hewlett Packard Enterprise hosted some of its top performing partners in Melbourne for the Formula One in a private corporate box. Guests were treated to three days of racing and the weekend concluded with dinner at Melbourne’s Vue De Monde to celebrate the partnership.

  • (L to R): LisaSoft’s Juliet Lin; Dicker Data’s Ben Johnson and Skye Cumming

  • Watching all the action

  • (L to R): Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Melodee Rose-Gray; Dicker Data’s Ashwin Naicker; Anittel’s Nathan Mollineaux and Accucom's Sam Sarkis

  • (L to R): Empired’s Darren Davy; Dicker Data’s Ashwin Naicker; Viatek's Kevin Bourke; Telstra’s Sandra Sorgo and Gisela Stuckler; Viatek's Patrick Pierre and Telstra’s Nick Lazarevski

  • aC3's Greg Riches

  • (L to R): Blue Apache's Chris Marshall and James Hendry; and Premier Technology Solution’s Matthew Beesley

  • (L to R): Tango Technology’s Matthew Jarvis and Touchpoint Technology’s Nick Asscher

  • (L to R): Dicker Data’s Ben Johnson; Sententia’s Antonio Vizza; Dicker Data’s Ashwin Naicker; Telstra’s Sandra Sorgo, Gisela Stuckler and Nick Lazarevski

  • (L to R): Dicker Data’s Ashwin Naicker; Somerville Group’s David Hayes; Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Jeff Higgs & Melodee Rose-Gray

  • (L to R): LisaSoft’s Juliet Lin and Dicker Data’s Skye Cumming

  • Celebrating at the race

  • (L to R): Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Melodee Rose-Gray; Astron Technology’s Tony Tziolis; Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s Jeff Higgs, and Ethan Group’s Helen Colonques

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