IN PICTURES: ARN Cloud Executive Lunch (+39 photos)

The ARN Cloud Executive Lunch brought together a group of industry experts who illustrated how they approached the Cloud market in a unique way, the challenges, opportunities and successes they had seen, and offered advice for those who are still making the transition. The lunch was sponsored by Dicker Data. Photos by ARN Editorial Director, Mike Gee.

IN PICTURES: ARN Cloud Executive Lunch (+39 photos) next


The lunch in session. From left: Sean Murphy (Nexus IT), Samantha Zammit (Microsoft), Craig Somerville (Somerville Group), Ben Johnson (Dicker Data), Ben Town (Hosted Network), Nathan Lowe (ASI Solutions), Jennifer O'Brien (ARN), Jamie Warner (eNerds), Peter Campbell (AC3), Cam Wayland (Channel Dynamics), Julian Haber (Intalock), Tony Lam (Dicker Data), David Okulicz (Kytec), James Henderson (ARN), Karl Sice (Staples), Nathan Thomas (HPE), Simon Barlow (Brennan IT). Photo by Mike Gee

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