IN PICTURES: OKI Club Australian channel partner Japan trip (+16 photos)

Each year, OKI Club rewards OKI’s top-performing channel partners for achievements in sales revenue and growth. This year, qualifying partners were flown to Japan for a five day, four night retreat. Delegates visited the OKI Technology Fair to witness a showcase demonstrating OKI's abilities beyond printers and multi-function printers. They also enjoyed the local cuisine and immersing themselves in the Japanese culture. Other highlights included a sightseeing tour of Tokyo and Nikko, including an amazing 'Samurai experience'. Photos courtesy of OKI Data.

  • Brenton Stewart (AGM Technology), Hiro Hayashida (OKI Data Australia), Ryan Hughes (Phil Hughes Office Solutions), Tony Jovanovski (Azillion Pty)

  • Christopher Wilcock (Digital Document Solutions ), Ben Ashby (Page 5), Howard Asby (Page 5), Bob Cotter (Digital Document Solutions )

  • Joe Fazzino (New Era Print Solutions), Jeremy Daly (Leading Edge Group), Lee Scott (Leading Edge), Rhett Stockdale (Leading Edge Group Dubbo)

  • Vanessa Dargie (Abacus Calculators), Brenton Stewart (AGM Technology), Lee Scott (Leading Edge), Jeremy Daly (Leading Edge Group ), Tony Jovanovski (Azillion)

  • Tony Haack (Sharp Sunshine Coast), Yoko Kikkawa (OKI Data), Ruth Durant (Sharp ABT), Aaron Durant (Sharp ABT), Gregory Mikaelian (OKI Data Australia)

  • Ryan Hughes (Phil Hughes Office Solutions), Gregory Mikaelian (OKI Data Australia), Kelvin Williams (Network Office)

  • Yoko Kikkawa (OKI Data), Christopher Wilcock (Digital Document Solutions)

  • Brenton Stewart (AGM Technology), Yoko Kikkawa (OKI Data)

  • Gregory Mikaelian (OKI Data Australia)

  • Vanessa Dargie (Abacus Calculators)

  • David Varidel (OKI Data Australia)

  • Jeremy Daly (Leading Edge Group)

  • Ryan Hughes (Phil Hughes Office Solutions)

  • Joseph Fazzino (New Era Print Solutions)

  • Rhett Stockdale (Leading Edge Group Dubbo)

  • David Varidel (OKI Data Australia)

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