IN PICTURES: Greentree A/NZ Partners Explore Japan (+ 13 PHOTOS)

As part of a regular strategic planning program for select Greentree A/NZ partners, they enjoyed a week in Japan combining strategic planning sessions with sightseeing. Principals and their partners from Star Business Solutions, Endeavour Solutions, Addax Business Solutions, GT Business Solutions, bizlinkIT and Verde Group joined Greentree chief executive, Peter Dickinson, channel director, Graham Hill, and R&D director, Stephen Sims in Tokyo and took in Hiroshima, Kyoto and Hakone, including travel on the famed bullet train which hit a top speed of 296 KPH.

  • Verde Group’s Vlad Kozak preparing to enter the Itsukushima Shrine on Miyajima Island.

  • The team being briefed by guide Kendo San in front of the Tenryuji Temple in Arashiyama.

  • The team taking a rest in Arashiyama, just outside Kyoto, in front of a large bamboo forest after having visited the Tenryuji Temple.

  • On the Honzu River at night. Endeavour New Zealand chief executive, Tim Ryley (in white), with the rest of the tour party, returning from dinner in Arashiyami where locals deploy a traditional fishing method using comorants.

  • Fukujuen tea ceremony in Kyoto, with Verde Group’s Vlad Kozak and GT Business’ Mark Gould (in red).

  • Representatives from Star Business Solutions, Endeavour Solutions NZ and Australia, Addax Business Solutions, GT Business Solutions, bizlinkIT and Verde Group

  • The Greentree group waiting to catch a Japanese bullet train or Shinkansen in Tokyo. The fastest time clocked using an App on an iPhone was 296 KPH. They are known to get up to a maximum operating speed of 320 KPH.

  • The Greentree team on Miyajima Island with the most photographed Japanese Torii gate in the background. This is part of the very old Itsukushima Shrine. A Torii gate has been in place here since 1168, the current gate dates back to 1875. The first shrine buildings were probably erected in the 6th century.

  • The Greentree touring party assembled in front of the famous Himeji Castle, one of the largest and most visited castles in Japan dating back to 1333 AD.

  • Greentree director of R&D, Steve Sims, stands in front of a pine that is over 300 years old. It is believed that the pine was presented to the head of the temple as a gift in bonsai form and then planted on his death.

  • Greentree chief executive Peter Dickinson playing a popular Geisha drinking game Konpira Fune Fune. This game is played on a little table with a bowl. You place the bowl in the middle of the table. In turn to the being played on the traditional Shamisen (3 stringed instrument) the players take turns to take away the bowl. If the bowl isn’t there when it’s your turn, show the “rock” (a fist) and if the bowl is there show the “paper” (keep your hand flat). The game gets harder as the music tempo increases. No-one beat the Geisha (Maiko).

  • One of the best places in the world to sample the famous Japanese dish of Okonomiyaki would have to be in Okonomiyaki Muri: Endeavour Solutions NZ chief executive, Tim Ryley and Star Business Solutions chief executive, Trish Hall (both seated under the TV) sample the local specialty.

  • On behalf of the Greentree Partners, Chris Hooper rings the Peace Bell in Hiroshima.

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