IN PICTURES: 2015 ARN ICT Industry Awards sponsors cocktail party, Pt 1 (+31 photos)

ARN wrapped up the 2015 ARN ICT Industry Awards season in traditional fashion with a 'thank you' cocktail party at the Ivy Penthouse in Sydney. More than 80 ICT industry leaders attended from the 50 sponsors - 19 platinum and 31 gold - who made this year's Awards possible. The party made its way into the wee small hours where rumour has it some attendees were spied watching the Wallabies play Fiji in the 2015 Rugby World Cup around 3am. Photos by ARN Editorial Director, MIKE GEE.

  • Steve Martin (NEXTDC), Jennifer O'Brien (ARN) and John Donovan (VMware)

  • Maud Holvast (Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise)

  • Darren Needham-Walker (HP), Penny Crafar (Microsoft) and Tyerell Allen (HP)

  • Paul Sadler (DNA Connect); Dominic and Sharon Whitehand (Exclusive Networks)

  • Kellie Hackney and Alpha Yee (Kaseya)

  • Lisa Stockwell (Distribution Central), Scott Frew (

  • Eason Ramanathan (APC by Schneider Electric); Marie and Ken Lowe (ASI Solutions); and Muralee Kanagaratnam (APC by Schneider Electric)

  • Mariana Thomas (Toshiba) and Janice Tong (ARN)

  • Cherry Yumul (ARN) and Lincoln Goldsmith (Acronis)

  • Eduardo Silva (ARN), Kyung Suk Choi and Christian James (GE Capital)

  • Maud Holvast (Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise) and David Russell (Nexon)

  • Lincoln Goldsmith (Acronis) and Robbie Upcroft (Webroot)

  • Networking

  • Jennifer O'Brien (ARN), Carineh Grigorian (Distribution Central)

  • Daniel Campbell (Fujitsu), Jennifer O'Brien (ARN) and Carineh Grigorian (Distribution Central)

  • Networking

  • Robbie Upcroft (Webroot) and Cathy Hattersley (Kyocera)

  • Networking

  • Matt Sanderson (Ingram Micro) and John Walters (NEXTGEN)

  • Laurence Baynham (Data#3) and Dave Rosenberg (Westcon)

  • Ron Turinuddin (Dicker Data), Sean Vitorovic (Fujitsu) and Jacques Tesson (DPSA)

  • Networking

  • Chris Player (ARN) and Simran Kaur (Webroot)

  • David Russell (Nexon), Hafizah Ozman (ARN), Gosia Luszpinska (Alcatel-Lucent), Cherry Yumul (ARN) and Maud Holvast (Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise)

  • Jelena Milosovich (Arrow ECS) and Janice Tong (ARN)

  • Muralee Kanagaratnam (APC by Schneider Electric)

  • Philip Cronin (Intel) and Aimee Francis (Lenovo)

  • Rose Old (Acronis), Cherry Yumul (ARN) and Lincoln Goldsmith (Acronis)

  • Jacqueline Thorley (SAP) Peter Lander (Dyflex), Andrew Winter (SAP), Amy Zammit (Veeam), and Greg Miller (SAP)

  • Sean Vitorovic (Fujitsu) and Astrid Gauthier (ARN)

  • Moheb Moses (Channel Dynamics) and Mariana Thomas (Toshiba)

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