IN PICTURES: 2015 Hall of Fame Inductees Lunch, Part 2 (+24 photos)

The fifth Hall of Fame Inductees Lunch was held at The Studio at the top of Sydney Tower with its panoramic views of the city and suburbs. It was hosted by ARN President and Publisher, Susan Searle. Seventeen inductees attended the highly popular and memorable lunch this year for three hours of fine food, networking, discussion and several wine tastings. A strong 50-minute discussion focusing on current trends and directions within the channel was a highlight of the day. A toast was raised in memory of industry stalwart and former AIIA CEO, the late Ian Birks, who passed away recently. Unable to attend were Scott Frew, Steve Nola, Steve Murphy, Wendy O'Keeffe, Laurie Sellers, Jon Shein, Nick Verykios and John Walters. This pictorial focuses on vertical shots of each attendee plus the view from the top. Photos by ARN Editorial Director, Mike Gee.

  • Maree Lowe, Philip Cronin

  • John Donovan, Kate Burleigh

  • Ken Lowe, Craig Somerville

  • Phil Cameron, David Dicker

  • David Henderson, David Gage

  • John Grant, Peter Kazacos

  • Pip Marlow, Andrew Thomas

  • Allan King, Ross Cochrane

  • Table talk, Moheb Moses

  • Maree Lowe, John Grant, Jennifer O'Brien, Allan King, Andrew Thomas, David Henderson, Peter Kazacos, Craig Somerville, Susan Searle, Pip Marlow, David Gage, Philip Cronin, Kate Burleigh, Ross Cochrane, Ken Lowe, Phil Cameron, David Dicker, Moheb Moses, John Donovan, Allan Swann (front right)

  • The view from The Studio - across Darling Harbour and the Anzac Bridge

  • The view from The Studio - across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and North Sydney

  • The view from The Studio - across Woolloomooloo and the Eastern suburbs that abut the harbour

  • The view from The Studio - across Mrs Macquarie's Chair and out to the Northern beaches

  • The view from The Studio - featuring the temporary Coke billboard in Kings Cross which is standing for the famous 'Coke Sign' while it is being renovated

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