Hands on with the new Samsung Galaxy Note5

Samsung's new Galaxy Note5 is packed with top-of-the-line productivity features and is much better-looking than the last Note smartphone.

  • The top of new S Pen also clicks in and out like a traditional ballpoint pen when it's removed, and though the feature doesn't do anything, it makes the stylus feel more like a real pen, which is a nice touch.

  • One of the most significant additions to the Note family is support for two wireless charging standards (Qi and PMA), which means you can use the majority of charging pads and wireless power accessories on the market today to power up the Note5.

  • The new mobile payment service will be officially released in the United States in September, according to Samsung.

  • And finally, Samsung showed off a new case for the Note that consists of a protective shell and an add-on "physical" QWERTY keyboard, not unlike the keyboards found on traditional BlackBerry smartphones.

  • Galaxy S6 edge phones in an array of vivid colors. The Note5 is only available in two color options.

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