IN PICTURES: Vivid Sydney 2015: View from Kirribilli + Chatswood, Pt 2

Vivid Sydney 2015 is beautiful, challenging and immersive. The 18-day festival of light, music and ideas features many of the world's most important creative industry forums, an extraordinary free public exhibition of outdoor lighting sculptures and installations and a cutting-edge contemporary music program. Simply, Vivid Sydney is where art, technology and commerce intersect. And there is plenty of technology. But what is most fascinating is the way that technology absorbs every age and interest group. Watch three-year-olds wowed by the light play and stories running across the Custom House or illuminating the Museum of Contemporary Art. Watch pensioners sitting by the water past the Passenger Terminal watching the sails tell their own stories in light and image. Everywhere there is a glow, a brilliance, an installation, a chance to interact with technology, to watch a big screen, a small screen, a giant screen where a whole city including suburban Chatswood becomes a canvas for ideas. Editorial director, MIKE GEE, delivers a special three-part coverage of Vivid Sydney 2015. this is part two.

IN PICTURES: Vivid Sydney 2015: View from Kirribilli + Chatswood, Pt 2 next


The view from Kirribilli - Sydney, the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House

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