IN PICTURES: Inside Huawei's facilities in Shenzhen (+25 photos)

In the lead-up to its Huawei Network Congress in Beijing, May 20-21, the company took its partners to Shenzhen, where its headquarters is based, to show off some of the latest technologies it houses. Partners were shown some of the real-life use cases of Huawei's solutions and the attendees even managed to get hands-on with some of these products. Here are some photos from the showcase.

  • Huawei has 14 regional headquarters, 16 R&D centres, 31 joint innovation centres and 45 training centres worldwide. This is one of Huawei's many buildings in Shenzhen.

  • Walking into Huawei's enterprise solutions showroom

  • Testing out Huawei's telepresence technology

  • Huawei's patents wall - As of December 31, 2014, Huawei has filed a total of 48,719 patent applications in China and 23,197 patent applications outside of China. A total of 38,825 patent applications have been granted.

  • The Australian partners taking the tour

  • Huawei aims to build a better connected world. Globally, Huawei has adopted an approach to R&D by investing more than 10 per cent of its sales revenue into R&D every year.

  • Huawei highlights its win-win-win enterprise strategy - and the channel is key to that growth

  • Huawei highlights its win-win-win enterprise strategy - and the channel is key to that growth.

  • Storage, Big Data, racks, stacks and datacentres. That's what Huawei's into these days by the looks of it

  • The Internet of Things is here. With that, comes the connected home, as displayed in this showcase

  • Free multi-media and LTE Wi-Fi solutions are offered in public transport in China - 80,000 buses in China already have this deployed, offering commuters timely insight on retail and experience opportunities across the journey and planned destination

  • Getting hands-on time with one of Huawei's technologies

  • Huawei's CloudEngine 12800 shows off its vertical and horizontal positioning for compact design, amongst other features

  • At CeBIT Hannover, SAP and Huawei announced an expanded joint innovation partnership. The joint innovation efforts will aim to focus on establishing a technical collaboration between SAP and Huawei, to advance research on the Internet of Things (IoT) to provide new solutions (such as the one pictured) to market. The technology is expected to enable automated manufacturing processes, debugging and system failure recovery for maximised manufacturing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

  • Huawei could soon be making its own processing chips

  • The X8000 high density rack server is a new-generation rack server designed for datacentres and Internet applications.

  • Huawei Oceanstor 9000 is a storage system that consolidates data storage, archiving, and analysis. It uses a symmetric distributed architecture and is intended for Big Data.

  • Checking out Huawei's mock datacentre

  • And Huawei hasn't forgotten about disaster recovery as well - this solution enables its datacentres to pick up power from another of its nearest locations should there be a natural disaster.

  • Deep in discussion

  • It has even got technologies that will work on ATMs

  • Huawei calls this its submarine - we reckon it's a fancy term for underwater cabling that supports its networks

  • Enterprise wasn't all Huawei had to showcase - some of its consumer smartphones were a hit with the partners too.

  • Learning all about Huawei's consumer line of solutions

  • Don't like the Apple Watch? Why not try this wearable device from Huawei instead?

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