How good is the LG G4 camera? A real-world evaluation

LG has made big promises about the camera in its new smartphone. Does it deliver?

  • By default, in Auto mode, the LG G4's HDR feature should kick in automatically when appropriate.

  • The lack of auto-HDR activation had a negative impact on the image's composition.

  • This photo was shot after I activated HDR manually -- and look at that sky!

  • In the right setting and with a little bit of work, though -- manually activating HDR here, yet again, and trying a few shots until I got a good one -- the G4 can absolutely capture some fantastic-looking photos.

  • The top shot of brightly colored algae on a lake, taken by the LG G4, looks decent.

  • But when you compare it to the same shot taken with automatic settings on the Olympus, you can see that the G4 failed to pick up some of the vibrancy of the green hues in the scene.

  • This is the G4's version

  • The same image taken on the Olympus OM-D E-M10 moments later.

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