IN PICTURES: Inside NCI's facilities (+29 photos)

The National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), which is funded by the Australian government's national research infrastructure strategy (NCRIS), is home to one of the southern hemisphere's fastest supercomputers, file systems, research Cloud, and data catalogues. Software, systems and services company, NetApp, has inked a $2 million deal with the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) to provide it with a variety of high performance flash storage solutions. We take a sneak peek into NCI's facilities...

  • Inside NCI's facilities

  • NCI National Facility

  • Representatives of NCI, NetApp, and Fujitsu

  • NCI director professor, Lindsay Botten

  • Racks and stacks

  • The insides

  • The wires are as organised as organised gets

  • Everything is monitored in detail

  • Work in progress..

  • Having a chat about what exactly happens behind the scenes

  • NetApp's storage solution

  • NetApp's storage solution

  • Flash storage solutions

  • One of the generators

  • Pipes for cooling

  • Colour coded pipes for various purposes

  • More monitoring devices

  • Heed all warnings

  • Seems like we stepped into Willy Wonka's factory

  • Chilled water goes through these pipes

  • If you could see through these aluminium tanks, you'll think they are two swimming pools

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