German industry is poised to exploit rural broadband

Digital farming is the next big opportunity for Germany's software and manufacturing industries

  • This Claas 830 Axion tractor at Cebit 2015 steers itself using GPS, and reports crop health using data gathered from infrared sensors on the boom at the front. It weighs over 7 tonnes and measures 3.2 meters high and 5.7 meters long.

  • SAP's stand at Cebit features large expanses of real, live grass, standing in for the much larger fiels of wheat and corn that it says could be managed by its prototype Digital Farming service.

  • It's not easy to see the screen for SAP's digital farming demo under the show spotlights, but the grass is doing well. Gathering information from sensors in the fields and on farm machinery, and from other sources, the 'field analytics' system recommends to the farmer what actions to take next.

  • Fovea scooped this year's Cebit Innovation Award with its mobile forestry app, which uses a smartphone's camera and GPS to determine the volume and value of wood cut.

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