IN PICTURES: ARN Lunch - Tag team on security with Palo Alto Networks' Ron Myers

ARN in conjunction with Distribution Central and Palo Alto Networks hosted a security-focused lunch with its vice president of worldwide channels, Ron Myers. The event was held with stunning panoramic views of the Sydney skyline in O Bar, and featured local channel partners discussing the state of the security industry, and the new partner programs and technologies Palo Alto Networks is bringing to market. Photography by Ian Sharp.

  • Ron Myers (Palo Alto Networks), Daniel Gardner (Telstra), Mark Hill (Distribution Central), Sam Sarkis (Accucom), Brendon Thwaites (Palo Alto Networks), Clive Dillen (Enosys), Allan Swann (ARN), Nick Verykios (Distribution Central), Jennifer O'Brien (ARN), Keith Carter (Palo Alto Networks), David Tsang (Katana1), Drew Carroll (Distribution Central), Aaron Bailey (Missing Link), David Shephard (Telstra/O2)

  • Drew Carroll (Distribution Central)

  • David Shephard (Telstra/O2)

  • Mark Hill (Distribution Central)

  • Clive Dillen (Enosys)

  • David Tsang (Katana1)

  • Daniel Gardner (Telstra)

  • Credit: IDG

    Keith Carter (Palo Alto Networks)

  • Brendon Thwaites (Palo Alto Networks)

  • Ron Myers (Palo Alto Networks)

  • Ron Myers (Palo Alto Networks)

  • Sam Sarkis (Accucom)

  • Nick Verykios (Distribution Central)

  • Aaron Bailey (The Missing Link)

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