IN PICTURES: 2014 ARN Women in ICT Awards, Sydney, 3/4

The 2014 ARN Women in ICT Awards (WIICTA) were presented at a gala luncheon at the Ivy ballroom in Sydney with more than 285 channel leaders in attendance. This, the third of four slideshows, is a collection from group shots by ARN photographer, IAN SHARP.

  • Sandra Lai (HP), Michelle Greenhill (HP), Vicki Soon (HP), Rachael Williams (HP) and Lida Lazzari (HP)

  • Gorica Daly (Computer Care Australia), Lisa Dawson (Toshiba), Klara Kaloscay (Howarth PR), Annette Horst (Toshiba), Kieran Moore (Ogilvy Group)

  • Allan Swan (ARN) and David Dicker (Dicker Data)

  • Lisa Christy (SAP), Aggie Szemplinska (Veeam), Rhody Burton (SAP), Greg Miller (SAP)

  • David Dicker (Dicker Data), Susan Searle (ARN) and Scott Frew (Distribution Central)

  • Madeline Burton (UXC Connect), Sophie Langford (UXC Connect), Denise Carson (UXC Connect), Kelley Davis (UXC Connect) and Stacey Beer (UXC Connect)

  • Chris Greatrex and Anjelika Radovska (Artis Group)

  • Megan Hastie (Brisbane School of Distance Education) and Zara Hastie (RMIT)

  • Sue Bender, Sharon Whitehand and Deborah Salmon (WhiteGold Solutions).

  • Emma Rogers (Amazon) and Rhody Burton (SAP)

  • Ellena Bateman (Breeze), Rachel WoodHatch (Microsoft), Michelle Tea (MIcrosoft) and Nikki Page (Breeze)

  • Lisa Stockwell (Distribution Central), Angela Coronica (Cisco) and Susan Searle (ARN)

  • Lisa Stockwell (Distribution Central), Angela Coronica (Cisco), Susan Searle (ARN) and Scott Frew (Distribution Central)

  • Natalie Willoughby (Alphawest), Nicolette Moore (Westcon Group) and Stacey Beer (UXC Connect)

  • Kerry Soussou (WhiteGold Solutions) and Genevieve White (Fortinet)

  • Dominic and Sharon Whitehand (Whitegold Solutions) with Nick Verykios (Distribution Central)

  • Debbie Sassine, Jimena De Uria and Janet Docherty (Symantec)

  • Chris Barton , Dung Hua, Melissa Kelleher, Hwei Oh and Phil Vasic (Fireeye)

  • Tammy Wade (HP), Cheryl Doyle, Ashley Doyle (ShoreTel), Kevin Rossiter (ShoreTel) and Andrew Ly (ShoreTel).

  • Claudia Warwar (IBM Australia), Lucy Knowles (Distribution Central), Karolina Mikita (Distribution Central), Sophie Vigors (Distribution Central)

  • Taran Cunningham and Aggie Szemplinska (Veeam)

  • Jennifer O'Brien (ARN) and Moheb Moses (Channel Dynamics)

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