Hands-on with Microsoft's new Windows 10: UI changes that look great at first blush (+7 photos)

Microsoft's next OS is literally a work in progress. But some of the changes in UI are available to view, and they're lovely and productive.

  • The familiar Start menu is back, with some improvements, including a space you can personalize with your favorite apps, programs, people, and websites.

  • If you want, you can resize the Start menu, increasing or decreasing its size and adjusting its position.

  • Using Alt-TAB to cycle through windows isn’t that different than Windows 8, but you can see more of what each window holds.

  • The Windows 10 taskbar includes the Windows button, which launches the Start menu, the new Task View button, and the Search button. To the far right, the “underlined” apps show that they’re located inside a virtual desktop.

  • You can create multiple desktops to keep things organized—whether for work or personal use, or both.

  • Snap a document to one side of the screen, and Snap Assist will suggest some others.

  • Microsoft promises consistent experiences over a variety of form factors and screen sizes.

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