In Pictures: The world’s coolest and geekiest mailboxes

What we have here is a collection of mailboxes – starting with a number from Florida, but including a number from around the world that are pretty cool and geeky.

  • Snail mail may get the short shrift these days but that doesn’t mean the mail deserves to be delivered to a basic black box with numbers on it. No-siree.

  • A mailbox in the shape of a house stands on top of model dolphins along the highway US-1 in the Lower Keys near Marathon, FL.

  • A mailbox with a thatched roof.

  • A mailbox decorated with a model cat.

  • Looks like a golden retriever.

  • A Marlin in Florida.

  • Models of an adult and baby manatee hold a mailbox along the highway US-1.

  • A mailbox in the shape of a turtle.

  • Most of what gets delivered these days is garbage anyway so…

  • A mailbox in the shape of a dolphin.

  • Well it was “Shark Week” recently…

  • A mailbox in the shape of a church.

  • Another mailbox in the shape of a manatee.

  • That’s one large mouth Bass.

  • Yet another manatee.

  • A mailbox in the shape of a fire truck.

  • A mailbox in the shape of a house with a veranda and a parking lot.

  • A mailbox donated by mining corporation RioTinto stands in front of huts outside Beyla, Guinea.

  • Stormtroopers from the movie "Star Wars" insert postcards promoting "Star Wars Celebration Japan" into a post box at a postal office in Tokyo.

  • A U.S Postal Service mailbox wrapped to look like the 'Star Wars' character R2-D2 is pictured in Hollywood, California.

  • Outback letterboxes, formerly fridges, sit on an Australian outback property.

  • A diver drops a postcard into an undersea mailbox off the coast of Susami, in the western Japanese prefecture of Wakayama.

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