Christmas in summer: Rounding up Gadgety Goodness in NYC

Check out the newest gadgets on display in the world of consumer electronics

  • LEGO Fusion sets combine the physical world of building blocks with the virtual world of a tablet/phone app.

  • Drop is a kitchen scale that will help you become a better baker. The scale connects to your iPad via Bluetooth, identifying the weights of foods or ingredients that you place onto it. However, the beauty is in the app, which includes a database of different recipes and helps you create the dish with the right amounts.

  • LifeTrak watches help monitor heart rate, sleep, steps and other activities in a very attractive and lightweight design.

  • The PIXPRO Smart Lens models (SL10 and SL25) have no display - rather they snap onto your smartphone (iOS and Android supported). Communicating via Wi-Fi to an app on the phone, the camera then gives you an amazing 10x or 25x optical zoom (instead of digital zoom), rivaling DLSR or other advanced cameras.

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