A look back at the sights of this year's Computex

Products from Acer and Asus got all the headlines at this year's Computex but there was much more at the show than you probably got to hear about. Here's a slideshow of some of the other sights in Taipei, both on and off the show floor, to give you a sense of what it was like to be there

  • Computex crowds

  • Crossroads outside computex

  • Friendly Computex staff

  • Computex press scrum at Asus event

  • Computex gard mops brow in heat

  • Taipei traffic near Computex

  • The cloud was largely absent from Computex this year, except this forlorn sign

  • Colored laptop components at Computex

  • Computex showgirl with Gigabyte body transfers

  • When it rains in Taiwan, as it did a few times during Computex, it pours.

  • Asus' Jonney Shih is one of the industry's most colorful executives.

  • Computex is primarily a vast marketplace for computer components. These are parts used for inductive wireless charging.

  • Taiwanese firms love bright colors. These are USB charging plugs

  • USB flash drives are everywhere and come in all forms imaginable, including jewlery and this wedding couple.

  • The obligatory costumes, this one for a company selling Android products.

  • Cases and screens for making iPads and iPhones scratch- and water-resistent were all over the show floor.

  • Taipei 101, formerly the word's tallest building, looms large over the convention center.

  • This table-top touch computer from a Taiwanese firm doubles as a keyboard.

  • The Asus Memo Pad HD7 was one of the most talked about products at the show, largely for its price: US$129 in emerging markets and $149 in developed ones.

  • Motor scooters are how a lot of Taiwanese get around the crowded city. "There are too many" complained one taxi driver.

  • More USB flash drives.

  • And yet more USB drives.

  • Wireless headphones were big this year.

  • There were also wireless speakers in abundance.

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