IN PICTURES: ARN Roundtable - Transformative power of virtual desktops

ARN hosted its latest roundtable on virtual desktop infrastructure at Est. in Sydney. Attendees discussed trends and technological advancements in the VDI space and the opportunities and challenges in deploying VDI in today's environment.

  • (From left to right) – Intel’s Peter Kerney, Steve White of Tardis, Garry Barker of IBM, Loretta North of IBM, Avnet’s Ivan Hecimovic, Jennifer O’Brien of ARN, Bill Wright of NTT Australia, Jason Arnold-Auland of Missing Link, Darren Adams of Avnet, Kevin McIsaac at IBRS, Rimin Dutt of ARN, Darren Ashley of Bearena and Graham Murray of Advent One

  • Group discussion on the power of virtual desktops.

  • Avnet's Darren Adams said virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is often part of a larger discussion and draws on mobility.

  • IBM's Loretta North iasks about the reseller experience with the VDI deployments.

  • Darren Ashley of Bearena discusses some lessons learned on VDI deployments.

  • Jason Arnold-Auland reveals both benefits and challenges of doing VDI deployments.

  • Garry Barker of IBM discusses the advancements in storage technology and how Flash storage is paving the way for successful VDI deployments.

  • Steve White of Tardis said he approaches customers through a consultative sell discussion.

  • Group discussion on trends in the market.

  • Intel's Peter Kerney said the key usage models are mobility-driven.

  • Graham Murray of Advent One said think of VDI in three ways: simplification; productivity; and security.

  • Resellers speak about the VDI selling experience.

  • Listening to lessons learned.

  • Learning about steps involved in successful VDI deployments.

  • Mingling before getting down to business and discussing the virtual desktop market.

  • Darren Ashley of Bearena also touched on end-user computing and other market trends.

  • Bill Wright of NTT Australia said the biggest benefit of VDI is centralised management.

  • Discussion turns to BYOD, the virtual desktop and the shared desktop.

  • Avnet's Ivan Hecinovic talkes about the distributor's role.

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