And the study says: Windows 8 users rarely touch Metro apps

The difference is touch: tablet and touchscreen laptop users adopted more Windows Store apps than users with non-touch displays.

  • The news isn’t wonderful. Of the 10,848 Windows 8 devices studied by Soluto, the majority of traditional desktop and laptop users—even ones using a device with a touchscreen—fail to open a modern-style app daily. (Note that this study refers only to modern apps, not to traditional desktop programs.) Even on tablets, the devices best suited for Windows 8’s modern UI, just 56 percent of all users launch a Windows 8 app day in and day out.

  • Soluto’s data backs up what we’ve all been saying all along: Modern UI apps flat out work better on a touchscreen. Tablet users open modern apps nearly twice as frequently as desktop users, and people who rock touchscreen laptops launch modern apps 47 percent more often than their non-touch brethren.

  • Only Windows Reader, Windows Photos, Windows Camera, and the core communication apps—like Mail and Calendar—are being used by more than 10 percent of users. That quartet consists of defaults tied to basic functions of the OS.

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