Toshiba launches 'shining light' Kira (+ 24 photos)

Flagship ultrabook leads new tablets, all-in-ones, gaming notebook, and other devices, all of which have new designs

  • Toshiba encourages customers to take a closer look...

  • Toshiba's new Kira ultrabook being tested by launch attendees.

  • The left side of the device houses the charging port, as well as a HDMI input and two USB 3.0 ports.

  • The right side has another USB 3.0 port, microphone/headphone jack, and an SD card slot.

  • The Kira.

  • Lid shut to show the full thickness of the device. The curved design gives the allusion that it is even thinner.

  • The bottom of the Kira.

  • A close of up the Kira's backlit keyboard.

  • The new-look power button with surrounding back-light is part of Toshiba's new corporate design identity which all its new products have.

  • More of the keyboard and branding.

  • The Portege Z10T - Toshiba's new tablet flagship.

  • The Z10T ships with this thin keyboard dock.

  • The keyboard dock has connectivity options, but no battery so it remains thin.

  • The bottom of the Z10T.

  • Toshiba Australia managing director, Mark Whittard, said customers may see a stand similar to this appear in retail stores in the future once the vendor decides if there is worthwhile return on investment.

  • The stand which could accompany the likes of Samsung and Apple in retail stores in the future.

  • Other Toshiba products.

  • The Qosmio X series gaming notebook.

  • A new Toshiba all-in-one.

  • More notebooks.

  • More products.

  • More products.

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