In Pictures: 10 most excellent free Android games

No money? Need entertainment? No problem.

  • Free AND good? It can be done. While there’s a huge variety of worthy time-wasters out there that you can buy with your hard-earned money, there’s also plenty of totally free options that can be just as addictive. Read on for our top 10.

  • Temple Run 2 I know, I know – it’s a pretty obvious one. But if you’re like me, and have resisted the frenetic, in-no-way-Indiana-Jones-inspired charms of this mobile legend for months, you’re wasting your time. It’s addictive, finger-swiping greatness.

  • Vector Same vein, very different aesthetic. This side-scrolling Parkour-em-up sees you race across rooftops with a menacing, taser-armed pursuer in tow. Even though just watching my anonymous little silhouette perform these impressive feats makes me a little out of breath, it’s an engrossing game.

  • Megatroid The hyperactive pace can be challenging. Triolith.MEGATROID, but this doesn’t detract from the goofy platforming fun in Megatroid. (The dopey anime dialogue boxes aren’t the best, but hey, it’s free.)

  • UnblockMe Free This simple but engaging puzzler makes you experiment and slide blocks around to create an open path for the red one. It’s a frequent companion whenever I’m on public transportation.

  • Strike Fighters While it’s no DCS: A-10C, Strike Fighters is a fun little diversion for the flight simulator enthusiast, letting you speed around in historic aircraft that actually look pretty nice even on a small screen.

  • Angry Birds (almost all versions) I’m not even going to link this one, because if you don’t know about this series, we’ve got some serious background info to give you that would take a lot more than a slide to present. In any case, the series continues to provide its signature brand of nice controls, quirky aesthetics and fun destruct-o-physics.

  • Bad Piggies Set in the same goofy milieu as Angry Birds, Bad Piggies is, if anything, even more addictive than its forerunners. A slightly more thoughtful physics puzzler than Angry Birds, Bad Piggies lets you experiment with hilariously slap-dash vehicles to try and bring the pigs to the end of increasingly treacherous environments.

  • Zombie Road Trip While the zombie trope is among the most overused out there, particularly in the mobile world, Zombie Road Trip hits the right tone while simultaneously remaining highly playable.

  • Solitaire Personally, I consider it a step backwards that every computing device sold in the free world doesn’t include a workable version of Solitaire these days, but never fear! There are a host of free versions available for your Android, and MobilityWare's seems to be the most popular.

  • Simon Tatham’s Puzzles In terms of value, this has to be one of the best out there – a huge collection of puzzles, ranging from simple to “oh, COME ON!” in difficulty. The controls are sometimes a little hinky, but the brain-teasing is worth it.

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