In Pictures: 10 Cisco partners you should get to know

The 10 most interesting partners at Cisco Live Europe 2013

  • Cisco Live, Cisco’s European User Conference held last month, provided a good opportunity to get a look at some interesting Cisco partners. Everyone’s familiar with the typical Cisco partners, such as Network Appliance, VCE and EMC. But here are 10 companies that you wouldn’t expect to find in the Exhibition Hall at a Cisco Event.

  • Schneider Electric Schneider, one of the leaders in business energy management, was a platinum sponsor of the event and set up a booth at front and center of the conference. The company demonstrated how it and Cisco could build smarter, more energy-efficient buildings by integrating building facilities onto a common data network.

  • Rockwell Automation Rockwell, the world’s largest company dedicated to industrial automation, was showcasing equipment integrated with Cisco network technology designed to connect plant-floor equipment with the enterprise network. The collaborative technology can improve factory processes and product quality by adding intelligence to the process.

  • Emerson Process Management Cisco and Emerson jointly create reliable data center environments to facilitate and control critical business assets, including centralized data centers, wireless process manufacturing, and distributed unified communications. On display was a holistic approach to achieving energy savings by as much as 50%.

  • Redline Communications Canadian-based Redline is a leading manufacturer of specialized broadband wireless radio systems for cost-effective distributed services. At the show, the company demonstrated wireless digital oil fields. This is an excellent example of the “Internet of things,” as the joint solution creates an intelligent oil field that enables faster and more efficient drilling.

  • Johnson Controls Johnson Controls and Cisco have jointly collaborated on converged and integrated networks and building systems to increase energy efficiency while improving safety and operational performance. As a way of showcasing the possibilities, Johnson highlighted the transformation of Cisco’s European headquarters located in Bedfont Lakes, UK. This “smart building” has heating, air conditioning, conference room controls, lighting controls, and fire detection on a common data network, making them available on a single user interface.

  • AeroScout AeroScout manufactures what the company calls “Unified Asset Visibility” solutions. These solutions improve the efficiency of companies by using AeroScout wireless products that are integrated with Cisco Wi-Fi networks to track and manage the location, condition and status of people and mobile assets. The inventor of the first Wi-Fi-based RFID tag, AeroScout was an early visionary with regard to the Internet of things.

  • Verdiem Most IT people have probably never heard of Verdiem, but this company was one of the early developers of the PC power management market. At Cisco Live, Verdiem displayed its Surveyor software, which automatically detects and organizes devices based on Active Directory attributes, such as IP/Subnet or operating system. Organizations can leverage this data to create a baseline of energy usage and identify opportunities to save energy and money.

  • Honeywell Remember these guys? The H in the mainframe “BUNCH” is still kicking around and, together with Cisco, can provide a single, plant-wide mesh network that supports Wi-Fi, ISA 100.11a and Ethernet devices. This industrial wireless solution can provide wired-like performance across multiple wireless technologies.

  • ExtraHop Networks ExtraHop provides agentless application performance management (APM). There are a number of APM vendors, but many of them focus only on application transaction information. ExtraHop utilizes typical APM data, but also leverages the network to create a more accurate reading of application management. ExtraHop is also the only APM product available to run within the Cisco UCS manager, giving IT a single view of applications from the network through the application layer.

  • NetBrain Historically, network management has been anything but easy. It involves lots of work to set up the solution and commit to constant care and attention to keep the solution up to date. NetBrain’s mission is to make network management simple by providing a visual solution with a high degree of automation. This includes discovery and troubleshooting tools, as well as automated documentation. I don’t know too many engineers who enjoy documentation, so let NetBrain do this for you.

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