In Pictures: Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium

The Cloud-friendly suite has gotten improvements in collaboration capabilities, data visualisation, and more

  • Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium: A visual tour In hopes of luring more users from Google Docs to Office 365, Microsoft has made a host of improvements to its cloud-friendly suite of productivity applications. Beyond adding stylus and touch support, Microsoft has boosted collaboration in Word, added new visualization tools to Excel, and made Outlook Facebook-friendly. For a more in-depth look, check out InfoWorld’s hands-on review of the suite.

  • Word gets PDF friendly Word now opens PDFs and makes content like paragraphs, lists, and tables act like Word documents.

  • Installable apps You can now extend functionality in your Office apps with installable add-ons from the new Office Store. The Sulava Text Analyzer, for example, provides statistics for the selected block of text.

  • Threaded discussions Word’s updated markup system lets users use a discussion-thread format for easier tracking and discussion of changes to documents.

  • Cleaner reading Microsoft has added a Read Mode to Word where text reflows automatically in columns to fit the screen. Tools like ribbons and menus are all but removed, but you have access to such functions as Define, Translate, and Search with Bing.

  • Pick up where you left off One of Word’s best new features: You can pick up right where you left off when editing a document.

  • Fill columns in a flash With the new Flash Fill feature, Excel can recognize patterns and autocomplete the remaining data, sans formulas or macros.

  • Let Excel choose your views Excel’s new Recommend Charts feature is designed to recommend the most suitable charts based on patterns in your data. You can preview your data in different charts and graphs and choose the view that best suits your needs.

  • Visualize your data quickly Excel’s new Quick Analysis Lens feature lets you get immediate and multiple visualizations for selected ranges of data.

  • Pull online pics into PowerPoint You can now search your albums on Facebook, Flickr, and other online services from PowerPoint and add pictures directly to the document, eliminating the process of first saving images to your machine.

  • A new view for you PowerPoint sports a new Presenter View, providing a tool for inconspicuously viewing your notes as you present your show to an audience.

  • Cleaner UI for Outlook Microsoft has cleaned up Outlook's UI, making the process of dealing with piles of mail, contacts, and events far less suffocating.

  • Outlook goes social You can have Outlook automatically serve up your contacts’ updates to social-networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook.

  • Play the People Card Microsoft has added a People Card feature, which combines multiple contacts into a single view. The idea is to reduce duplicate contacts while adding social context.

  • Simpler OneNote search In OneNote, your notes are now automatically saved and fully searchable. You can find pages in a presentation, text in a picture, or a comment in an audio clip by typing in a keyword or phrase.

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