IN PICTURES: ARN Securing Virtualisation roundtable

As enterprises deploy virtualisation to seek more efficient IT, many are faced with concerns regarding safety, security and predictability of businesses-critical processes in these virtualised environments. This roundtable discussed the opportunities and challenges in deploying secure virtualisation and management of complex and high-risk projects, as well as opportunities it presents for the channel. The roundtable was sponsored by Symantec.

  • Attendees chatting before lunch

  • Attendees chatting before lunch

  • (L-R) Thomas Duryea's Luke McLean; ARN's Hafizah Osman; CTO Group's Greg Sly; Symantec's Jeff Arndt; ARN's Rimin Dutt; Red Hat's Colin McCabe; Insentra's Ronnie Altit; Symantec's Louis Tague; Intalock Technologies' Julian Haber; IBRS' James Turner; Sententia's JP Clemence and VMware's Trevor Gerdes

  • VMware's Trevor Gerdes

  • Sly and Arndt listen on to Gerdes

  • Red Hat's Colin McCabe

  • Symantec's Louis Tague

  • Sententia's JP Clemence

  • (L-R) Sly, Arndt, Gerdes, Haber and Altit

  • (L-R) Clemence, McCabe and Tague

  • Insentra's Ronnie Altit

  • Thomas Duryea's Luke McLean

  • The attendees of the roundtable

  • Thomas Duryea's Luke McLean

  • Intalock Technologies' Julian Haber

  • CTO Group's Greg Sly and Symantec's Jeff Arndt

  • IBRS' James Turner

  • Listening to McCabe

  • Listening to Altit

  • Listening to Clemence

  • Arndt voices his views

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