Apple iPhone 5: We go hands-on

We go hands-on with the Apple iPhone 5

  • Here it is, the iPhone 5. Let's unbox Apple's latest smartphone.

  • The iPhone 5 packaging. As you can see we have the black version.

  • It's a 16GB model.

  • Taking off the lid.

  • Inside the box. You can see Apple's new EarBuds and the included storage case, along with the power adapter.

  • Apple's newEarBuds.

  • The new Lightning connector.

  • The new Lightning connector.

  • Documentation included with the iPhone 5.

  • The back of the iPhone 5.

  • The bottom of the phone, which shows the newly positioned headphone jack, speaker and Lightning connector port.

  • The side remains familiar to iPhone users.

  • Some more shots of the back.

  • The first thing you'll notice is the light weight.

  • The iPhone 5 (left) next to the iPhone 4S.

  • As you can see, the iPhone 5 is taller than its predecessor.

  • The iPhone 5 (bottom) and the iPhone 4S. As you can see, it's rather slim.

  • Old vs. new.

  • iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4S.

  • Note the smaller nano-SIM card slot on the iPhone 5.

  • Our review model is an Optus unit. You can see the words 'LTE' which shows that you're getting 4G coverage.

  • Old vs. new.

  • The new Apple Earbuds headphones.

  • The new Apple Earbuds headphones.

  • The in-line volume controls on the EarBuds.

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