IN PICTURES: Lenovo Australia celebrates ThinkPad’s 20th birthday

About 150 guests, including channel partners from across Australia, attended Lenovo's 20 year celebration of the ThinkPad in Sydney's Luna Park. In addition to a birthday cake, a ThinkPad master-class was run by Lenovo customer centres senior worldwide competitive analyst, Kevin Beck, who was in the middle of a world tour. Beck spoke about the key innovation milestones of the ThinkPad since its debut in 1992 with IBM, as well as what role the iconic notebook plays in the future of business computing in what Lenovo sees as a PC+ era.

  • Lenovo's David Heyworth presenting on stage during the ThinkPad’s 20th birthday celebration in Sydnay's Luna Park

  • Omnisystems Network Solutions' Helga Simon and Jay Joseph

  • AB Industries' Nick Constantopedos, Diego Guirola, Erin Peak, Will Thomas

  • Lenovo's Clifford The, Corporate Express' Raj Merai, Troy Soutar, Imtiaz Khan, Lenovo's Romel Jobaer

  • Oriel's Kya Tonkin, Lenovo's Romel Jobaer

  • Lenovo's Kevin Yap, Lenovo's Kym Cousins, Datacom's Michael Chappel

  • Lenovo's Lindsay Tobin, Dicker Data's Vlad Mitnovetski, Ben Johnson

  • Southern Cross Computer Systems' Bill Mackay, Lenovo's Lindsay Tobin

  • Lenovo's David Heyworth

  • Lenovo's Kevin Beck

  • Lenovo's Kevin Beck

  • Microsoft's Emmanuele Silanesu

  • Microsoft's Emmanuele Silanesu

  • Lenovo's Ian Hume

  • Microsoft's Emmanuele Silanesu, Lenovo's Ian Hume, RemekTek's Paul Szilard, Lenovo's David Heyworth, Dicker Data's Vlad Mitnovetski

  • Intellicorp Australia's Nick Vertes and Lenovo's Ian Hume

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