In pictures: Sony's dust and water resistant Xperia go

We go hands-on with the Sony Xperia go, a water and dust resistant Android phone

  • If you live an active lifestyle and need a phone that can take a bit of punishment, the [[artnid:435053|Sony Xperia go]] may be perfect for you. It's Sony's first dust and water resistant Android smartphone! We've just got our hands on it, so let's unbox the newest rugged phone on the market.

    The Sony Xperia go retail package. It's an odd size for a phone box.

  • Opening the box.

  • The Sony Xperia go uses a full-sized SIM card slot, so Sony thoughtfully includes a micro SIM adapter in the sales package.

  • The AC charger included in the sales package is GreenHeart rated, which means low power consumption.

  • The headphones included in the Xperia go sales package. Unfortunately, they aren't water resistant like the phone.

  • The USB cable supplied.

  • There's no user guide in the box (to save paper) but Sony includes a startup guide, SAR information, other important information and a guide to using the included micro SIM adapter. All are printed on recycled paper.

  • A bag to recycle your old phone is also included.

  • The Xperia go is a compact smartphone and is a much smaller device than many of the current flagship phones on the market. If the likes of [[artnid:426541|Samsung's Galaxy S III]] and the [[artnid:421149|HTC One X]] are simply too big for you, then the Xperia go may fit the bill.

  • The Xperia go has a reasonably-sized 3.5in LED backlit touchscreen with what Sony calls its BRAVIA Mobile Engine. This feature promises image noise reduction, along with sharpness, colour and contrast enhancements when viewing images and video.

  • The Xperia go measures less than 10mm thick and Sony says it proves that rugged phones "don't need to be thick or ugly anymore".

  • The Sony Xperia go will be available in warm yellow (pictured above) or black colours.

  • The key feature of the Xperia go is a water and dust resistant rating of IP67, the highest industry level rating according to Sony.

  • The Xperia go can survive underwater at a depth of up to one metre for around 30 minutes. That should be enough to ensure it won't be pronounced dead after a quick swim in the backyard pool, but it's not enough to take it into the ocean with you.

  • The Xperia go has a feature caled "wet finger tracking", meaning the phone will work perfectly when either the screen or a user's fingers are wet.

  • The Xperia go swimming with the fishes.

  • Sony used the example of text messaging in the shower or preparing dinner in the kitchen as two real-life scenarios where the wet finger tracking feature will benefit users.

  • The Xperia go has a grippy rear surface that makes it comfortable to hold.

  • The Sony Xperia go is available in warm yellow or black colours. It sells through Optus, Telechoice and Allphones stores across Australia.

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