In pictures: new Denon and Marantz speaker docks and headphones

Denon Cocoon, Marantz Consolette, and Denon headphones shown off

  • Denon and Marantz have shown off new lifestyle hi-fi audio products: a range of new Denon headphones and iPod dock audio systems, and a new Marantz hi-fi dock.

  • Introducing the range was D&M Group vice president Tomo Kamiya.

  • Denon's Cocoon is a high-end iPod dock.

  • The Cocoon comes in two models: a premium Home model, and a battery-powered Portable model that's 25 per cent smaller.

  • The Cocoon Portable also has a carry handle on the back, and a compartment to store the remote control.

  • The Cocoon Home is larger than the Portable, and has higher quality speakers and a four-channel Class D amplifier.

  • The Home has separate mid-range and tweeter drivers.

  • The Home's remote control is simply laid out.

  • Also introduced was the Marantz Consolette. Drawing on the name of the company's first product from 1953, it's a high-end iPod dock with a metal base and walnut cabinet.

  • A few Marantz signature design cues, like the built-in dial, make an appearance.

  • Denon also showed off eight new pairs of headphones. They're separated into four categories - the Music Maniac, the Urban Raver, the Globe Cruiser, and the Exercise Freak.

  • Denon's AH-D7100 headphones are the most expensive of the bunch - they're aimed at audiophiles who want clear, flat, realistic music reproduction.

  • The Denon AH-W200 are Globe Cruiser earphones, with built-in active noise cancelling and an internal battery that can charge from USB.

  • The AH-W150 are Denon's Exercise Freak earphones, sitting securely over the wearer's ears to withstand movement and shaking.

  • The Urban Raver range includes the AH-D400 — over-the-ear headphones that have an inbuilt amplifier to boost bass.

  • The entry-level Music Maniac audiophile earphones are the AH-C400. Denon analysed over 4000 ears with hearing aid company Sharkey to determine the best design for its headphone and earphone products.

  • Denon's Urban Raver in-ear earphones are the AH-C300.

  • Wireless audio and active noise cancelling come together in the Denon Globe Cruiser AH-NCW500.

  • The high-end of the audiophile Music Maniac line starts with the Denon AH-D600.

  • For the best of the best, Denon's AH-D7100 Music Maniac over-ear headphones are the top of the range.

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