APP SLIDESHOW: Top 5 navigation apps

A selection of useful free and premium navigation apps

  • 5. Garmin Navigator GPS from Telstra

    Cost: Free | Developer: Telstra | Tested on: iOS | Version 7.5.4 | 19.5MB Garmin Navigator is a useful basic navigation app for users who aren’t satisfied with the iPhone’s default offering. With features from Garmin’s nuvi personal navigators, this free app offers all the basic essentials a map app should contain. It has both driving and walking directions, Whereis maps with all its features, integrated Yellow Pages business listings, and high contrast night mode. It also works when you make or receive calls, text messages, and so on. As it is developed by Telstra, customers of the telco face no data charges. Users that want more features can sign up to a subscription service. The first month is free, but after that, the charges become hefty over time: $9.95 for one month, $26.95 for three, and $49.95 for six. Get it here: Apple App Store
  • 4. Navigon Australia

    Cost: $69.99 | Developer: Navigon AG | Tested on: iOS | Version 2.1 | 50.7MB The Navigon Australia app is a premium service that essentially turns an iPhone or iPad into a complete and concise GPS device. The app is really simple to use – the user interface is appealing – and is built with an array of assistance feature that makes travel simple. These include intelligent address entry, lane assistance, real road signs, speed assistance with adjustable audio-visual warnings, and more. The most appealing feature of Navigon Australia is its elaborate point of interest (POI) database which divides an enormous library of locations into distinct categories. Not only does it track petrol stations, but shows you where to find the closest Shell or 7/11, in case you have a preference. This is especially helpful when it comes to food cravings. Despite its benefits, the app still has a way to go when it comes to operation in terms of smooth scrolling and quicker response. Get it here: Apple App Store
  • 3. Mud Map

    Cost: $2.99 | Developer: Mud Mapb> | Tested on: iOS | Version 3.1.4 | 369MB In its early days, Mud Map had a $60 asking price. Since, it has been revamped, dropped to a tiny $2.99, but still has many of the same features. Mud Map is intended for use in the great outdoors, while in the 4WD, hunting, biking, exploring, and so on. The key feature of the app is its built-in Navteq SmartTopo Australian map database which eliminates the need for a 3G or Wi-Fi connection, hence the huge file size. While it takes up a bunch of room, it won’t drain any of your data allowance if you are just looking at the maps. Additionally, you do not need to rely on any form of reception when away from towns. Of course, tracking, navigation and many other features do require Internet. Get it here: Apple App Store
  • 2. Whereis

    Cost: Free | Developer:Sensis | Tested on: iOS | Version 1.6 | 5.9MB While default smartphones apps may do a great job, their focus is global. Whereis is an Australian made and tailored mapping and navigation app. There is more to the app than finding a street, though. Below the search bar, which sits right at the top, is a location filter that has a range of pre-determined favourites, including bars, cafes, restaurants, chemists, cinemas, and so on. When selected, a bunch of tabs appear in the area of the map that is being viewed. Each location can be tapped for further information, including a phone number, address, and distance. The database is extensive. Additionally, Whereis offers turn-by-turn navigation, which can be accessed by inputting an address, or hitting the ‘get directions’ options when viewing a location. Get it here: Apple App Store
  • 1. OffMaps 2

    Cost: $0.99 | Developer: iosphere GmbHb> | Tested on: iOS | Version 1.27 | 13.8MB OffMaps 2 is designed as a navigation solution for travellers. It gives users the ability to download maps of cities from around the world which are stored within the phone and can be viewed offline. Two maps are included for free, and additional maps cost $0.99 for three, or $5.99 for unlimited downloads. Map updates are also free. Of course, due to the nature of the app, availability is subject to the developer’s database, although many major cities from around the world are available. Get it here: Apple App Store
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